White people such as White Americans, Asians, Russians, Europeans, Australians and others  tend to have some stereotypes of black people which are very wrong, the most popular of these misconceptions are:

All Blacks Like Rap Music: It is true that Rap Music originated from black Americans and that majority of black people like Rap but it is very wrong to assume that all black people do. Many black people including Africans and black Americans like other genres of music such as RnB, Rock, Jazz, Pop and so on even more than Rap music. It will shock you to know that some black people do not even like Rap music.

All Blacks Speak Modified/Incorrect English: Black Americans tend to have their own version of English called Ebonics where they use several slangs such as “wassup”, etc and some white people think all blacks speak that type of English or that they do not know how to speak good or correct English. There are many blacks, mainly the educated ones who do not speak Ebonics and can speak very sound English.

All Black Men are Gangsters: This misconception can be blamed on the movies people see. Most movies portray blacks as violent drug dealing gangsters who terrorize innocent people. This cannot be farther from the truth, while it is true that there is a small percentage of blacks who have taken to a life of crime, there are numerous blacks who are living good lives and contributing immensely to the society, President Obama is a perfect example.

All Black Women are Strippers/Prostitutes: Again, the movies are to blame, there are so many black women who are educated and have thriving jobs and businesses for example Oprah Winfrey, and I believe the number of black women who are strippers is far less than those who are not.

All Black Men have Big Penises and All Black Women have Big Buttocks: It is true that most black men are gifted with big phalluses and that their women have bigger than average buttocks but there are many exceptions. There are black women with small buttocks and men with small penises.

Black People Have Problems with Intelligent/Rich Blacks: This is not true, I believe the kind of rich blacks that black people have a problem with are those who do not remember that they are black, add no value to the black race and dissociate themselves from lower class blacks.

All Black People are Poor: This is quite a funny misconception or assumption because there are a lot of rich blacks, there are even black Billionaires such as Oprah Winfrey, Aliko Dangote.

All Blacks are From Single-Parent Homes: There are many happy black families where both parents are together and raise their children well.

All blacks are drug addicts/drug dealers: There is a high rate of illegal drug consumption in the United States and black people are not left out but to assume that all black people either consume drugs, deal in drugs or do both is not right. There are many blacks who have never smoked or taken hard drugs before not to talk of selling those drugs.


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