Africa is the second largest continent in the world with a population of over 1.1 billion people which makes it the second most populated continent also. It is home to the black race and there are over 3000 ethnic groups and over 2000 languages spoken in it.

Foreign media tends to give an impression that African countries are not safe as there as so many crises everyday but the truth is quite different, Africa definitely has its war-zones but not nearly as many as the press makes us believe. There are more peaceful countries and safe places in Africa than violent areas. You can travel to these countries for work, vacations and tourism without any fear of been kidnapped or killed.

Here are the top fifteen most peaceful countries in Africa according to the IEP’s Global Peace Index.

  • Mauritius

Mauritius is an African volcanic island which has very few stories of violence, conflicts or wars. The people are friendly and it is home to the wealthiest city in Africa; Port Louis. The national language is English and there is a very low crime rate. In addition, it is rated high for democracy, economic and political freedom.  It is a perfect tropical tourist destination with many amazing sights.

  • Botswana

Botswana is stable and quite rich and its citizens have very kind and gentle hearts. Botswana was ranked the country with the best government in Africa in 2013 by the Positive Peace Index. The country has been politically stable for a long time and there are good infrastructures, financial and justice systems in place.

It is generally agreed that Botswana is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, it is located in southern Africa.

  • Ghana

Ghana is a West African country which was rated the most peaceful country in Africa by the Global Peace Institute in 2008. It is a democratic state and elections and transitions of governments have been held peacefully, it also has good inter-relations with other African and International countries.

  • Angola

Angola is a rich oil producing country located in Southern Africa and is one of the most peace loving countries in the continent. There have been little or no reports of ethnic conflicts or political clashes in the country in the past years. It is also one of the most developed African countries.

  • Zambia

Zambia is a democratic country which has very peaceful people and is developing at a rapid rate. The country has some of the best urban areas in Africa. The country has a working social protection program for low income earners.

  • Namibia

Namibia is a South African nation which has dealt with and overcome issues which cause most conflicts in Africa. There is little political tension as politicians have decided to work together to serve the public interest. has effectively confronted and overcome the challenges that cause widespread conflict and instability. Good governance has been a major factor in attaining peace in the country.

  • Lesotho

Lesotho is located in Southern Africa and has not experienced crises or widespread violence for a long time. It has a parliamentary or constitutional monarchy system of government and an independent judiciary.

  • Morocco

Morocco is ruled by its King and is the only North African country which was not affected during the Arab uprising. It is the most peaceful North African country and is a very nice country for vacations and tourism, the most popular tourist hotspot in Morocco and Africa is Casablanca

There are some disputed border areas and drug areas in Morocco which you should avoid if you visit the country.  Morocco’s peaceful state despite the unrests of neighbouring countries such as Libya and Egypt is mainly due to good governance and good economic and political policies.

  • Madagascar

I’m sure you are thinking “Penguins of Madagascar” right now; Madagascar is a large island to the south east of Africa. It is a democratic republic with many educated citizens. Madagascar is a very peaceful island and attracts lots of travelers from all over the world.

  • Seychelles

I’m guessing you’re thinking “Seychelles doesn’t sound like the name of an African country”, well it is and it is also one of the most peaceful. It is an Island located south east of Africa on the Indian ocean and is a hub for tourists. Seychelles is popular, safe and peaceful and is the perfect holiday destination. There is a good system of government in place and its citizens are peaceful and happy people.

  • Ethiopia

Ethiopia was formerly known as a country plagued by famine and crises but it has since gone past those days and is now a safe and serene country, in fact one of the safest countries in Africa. About 30 years ago, Ethiopia suffered severe famine and poverty but the whole world came to its support and now it is among the ten most food secure countries in Africa.

  • Gambia

Gambia is a small often overlooked country with a very friendly and safe environment and good people. There are few stories of violence, robbery, kidnapping, mugging, etc in the West African country.

  • Tanzania

Tanzania is a country where you can walk on the streets without the fear of been kidnapped or killed because of your color. The East African country has many tourist attractions and resorts to make you want to live there. The people are very caring and kind people who help each other as well as foreigners, they have a Swahili mentality called “ujamaa” meaning communism or love for your neighbor.

  • Ivory Coast

Asides from been the largest producers of cocoa worldwide, the French speaking country also known as Cote D’Ivoire is one of the safest countries in Africa. It has had successive good governments which has caused the prevailing peace.

  • Malawi

Malawi is a relatively new comer into this list as it was experiencing political and economic instability just about ten years ago but it has tackled most of its challenges and made it to this list of most peaceful countries in Africa.


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