These are the most common misconceptions about White people by foreigners and the truth about them.

White Marriages Never Last: It is true that there are many cases of divorce every year and that it is more prevalent in white families than other races but there are many white marriages which last till the death of one spouse.

White People Don’t Like Getting Married: Most of what people know about white marriages is gotten from movies and one stereotype people have about whites is that they tend to stay single for life. Many white people are married and get married on a daily basis.

All White People Go to College: Many people feel that all whites go to college but this is not really true because many white people dropout of high school to pursue their dreams, a perfect example is Bill Gates who dropped out of college and established Microsoft.

All White people are rich: Some people believe that there are no poor white people due to the fact that most movies only show comfortable white people but in truth there are many poor white people, there are homeless people and jobless people among whites but they are less in number as compared to other races in the world.

All White people are racist: This is a very unfair assumption, racism is fading away from the white society and the few whites who are racists are frowned upon by the non-racist majority.

All White people are lazy: Technology has made life easier and most white households use electronic appliances to perform a variety of household chores such as cleaning, washing and others. This makes people feel that whites are lazy but it is not so, whites are very hardworking people and this is evident in their economic prosperity.

All White people’s wealth was stolen from other countries: Due to the fact that the Europeans and Americans colonized many countries of the world and looted them, many people believe that all the wealth of the white countries are from their former colonies. This is not true because white countries have their own natural resources, agricultural products and other internal ways which they also use to make money.

White ladies/Blondes are dumb: Many films portray white ladies especially blondes as dull or stupid with beauty without brains. This is a wrong stereotype as there are many n=blondes who are intelligent and are at the top of their chosen career.

All White men have small penises: This is definitely not true, there are many white men with average size penises and a good number with above average sizes.

White people only listen to certain genres of music: White people are lovers of all types of music from Rap to R&B, Rock n Roll, Blues etc.

White people only date white people: Even though most white people tend to date each other, there are many whites who have dated and married Black Americans, Africans, Asians, Latinos and other races.

White people only eat certain foods: White people are very open to eating new types of food, that is why foreign foods such as sushi and other Chinese foods have become very popular in the United States, Europe and other predominantly white countries.


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