Africa is a land blessed with so many human and natural resources as well as very good food, sadly very little is known about African foods outside Africa. This article gives the list of best foods in Africa, make sure you taste these awesome dishes if you visit Africa. The list is not arranged in any particular order.

  1. Jollof Rice – West Africa

This is the most popular food in Africa as it is consumed throughout West Africa and other parts of Africa. It is made with rice cooked in tomato stew or sauce with various ingredients and spices such as peppers, onions, green peas, carrots, cabbage; It is usually served with coleslaw and various types of meats or fish.

  1. Muamba de Galinha – Angola

This is a national food in the oil rich state of Angola, it is a spicy stew made with chicken, palm oil, spices and other ingredients. It is usually served with cooked rice.

  1. Pap en vleis – South Africa

Pap en vleis is a popular South African maize porridge served with meat, the meat is usually roasted or stewed. It is usually eaten with roast meat called Shisa nyama. It can also be eaten with Boerewors – A South African sausage, chicken, steak or kebab.

  1. Sadza and Kapenta – Zimbabwe

Sadza is a Zimbabwean maize porridge and is usually served with crisply fried small freshwater fish called Kapenta. The fish are found in  Lake Tangayika and Lake Kariba. Kapenta is usually spiced up to awesome deliciousness with tomatoes, onions and peanut powder.  The dish is traditionally eaten with bare hands.

  1. Bunny chow – South Africa

Bunny Chow is simply bread filled with hot meat and vegetable sauce and is best found in the South African city of Durban.

  1. Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup – Nigeria

This Nigerian delicacy is capable of making you bite your tongue. Pounded yam as the name suggests is yam which has been cooked to softness, then pounded in a mortar with a  pestle till it reaches a soft, smooth dough like consistency. It is usually served with a variety of soups but the best among them is Egusi soup which is made with melon seeds, spinach, other vegetables and either meat or fish.

  1. Piri Piri chicken – Mozambique

This is delicious grilled chicken covered in piri-piri sauce made with tomato, coconuts, cashews and peanuts.

  1. Biryanis and Pilaus – Zanzibar

Biryanis and Pilaus are rice dishes cooked in various ways using vegetables, meat and seafood. They are usually spiced with various spices such as cardamom, pepper and cumin. They are usually eaten with Kachumbari – a delicious tomato and onion salad.

  1. Ful medames – Egypt

Ful Medames is a national dish in Egypt and is made with fava beans cooked with spices and olive oil. The beans are cooked overnight and usually served for breakfast with eggs and pita bread.

  1. B’stilla – Morocco

Also known as pastilla au pigeon, it is a sweet pie made with shredded squab or chicken cooked with egg sauce and has very thin pastry filling in-between.


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