Popular international foods list

All over the world, there are various foods with varying tastes, looks and scents, this article is a comprehensive list of international foods from countries in Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Australia and even Antarctica.

This list is however not all encompassing, we have tried to list the most popular foods worldwide as there are too many types of food to be written on just one article, a comprehensive global food list will probably only be attained on a 100 page book.

List of African Foods

African dishes are typically made with local foodstuff such as rice, maize, yam, vegetables and many different kinds of meat and fish. Most African foods also use a lot of palm oil and pepper in their preparation.

Pwason Sale Rougay: Is a dish from Seychelles which is made from dried, salted fish, and a spicey tomato sauce called rougay and usually served with rice,

Mahaberawi: is a popular Ethiopian dish

Tagine: is a very popular Moroccan stew cooked to perfection slowly in a special dome-shaped clay pot which traps steam and returns it to the stew.  The stew is mixed with meat or vegetables.

Pap en vleis: This is a South African maize porridge served with specially barbecued meat.

Jollof rice: Nigerian rice cooked with tomatoes, chilli peppers with meat and fish.

Pounded Yam:  This dish is made by boiling yam and pounding it to a soft dough like state, served with a variety of soups.

Muamba de Galinha: Is a popular Angolan stew made with chicken, palm oil, garlic, chilli pepper and okra, served with cassava leaves and white rice.

Kapenta with sadza: This is a famous dish in Zimbabwe

Bunny chow: South African delicacy

Nyama na irio: This is a Kenyan dish made up of mashed potatoes, peas, beans, maize and onions, usually served with tasty roasted meat.

Biryanis and Pilaus: Zanzibar delicacy

Koshari: Special Egyptian vegetarian dish made with rice, lentils, macaroni, garlic and chickpeas and eaten with a spicy tomato sauce and fried onions.

B’stilla: Popular Moroccan dish

List of Asian foods

Asian cuisine consists majorly of different methods of preparation of noodles and rice with some sea food and vegetables  and are typically eaten with chopsticks, there are however some countries with exceptions.

Svíčková: Popular Czechlovakian dish

Dak Galbi: Boneless Korean chicken meal cooked with red bean paste, vegetables, rice cake, and cheese served with Korean green tea,

Nasi kandar: Popular Malaysian food

Mochi: Delicious Japanese soy sauce

Cendol: is a Malaysian delicacy made with coconut milk, shaved ice, sugar, green rice and flower jellies.

Jiaozi: These are traditional Chinese dumplings usually eaten for breakfast.

Dim Sum: Popular Hong Kong delicacy

Masala Dosa: Famous Indian food

Soto Ayam: Indonesian delicacy

Lechon; This Phillipine dish is roasted young pig served whole and is super delicious, popular among foreigners.

Katong Laksa: These silky-soft noodles are a popular delicacy in Singapore, usually accompanied with fish cake, prawns, etc. enmeshed in delicious coconut curry gravy.

Samgyetang: is a South Korean dish made with very small chicken filled with ginseng, garlic, dried red date and rice, all boiled to a tender and delicious state.

Pad Thai: Popular dish from Thailand

Holubtsi: is a Ukrainian dish consisting of cabbage rolls filled with rice, meat, mushrooms or raisins.

Mi Quang quan hai: Vietnamese dish

Bun cha: Vietnamese dish

Pho: Most popular Vietnamese food, it is made up of rice noodles served with soup having a few herbs, chicken or beef.

Goi cuon: Vietnamese snack made with rice, pork and shrimp dipped in a delicious peanut sauce.

Larb/laab: Thai salad made with either ground chicken or pork with galangal, chili, mint, cilantro, red onion, and cucumber, usually served with steamed rice.

Roti prata: Dough-based pancake from Singapore.

Naan: Popular Indian dish

Laksa: Singaporean dish made with slippery vermicelli and served with very spicy broth filled with shredded chicken and fresh prawns.

Bibimbap: This Korean dish is made with vegetables and beef and is served with steaming hot rice with a half-raw egg.

Masala dosa: Indian rice delicacy mixed with mashed potatoes dipped in coconut, pickles, tomatoes and lentils condiment.

Moo nam tok:  Thai food composed of grilled pork spiced with lemon juice, green onions, chilli pepper, mint sprigs, fish sauce and served with toasted rice.

Penang assam laksa: Malaysian dish consisting of mackerel, tamarind, chili, onions, pineapple, mint and lemongrass mixed in a spicy fish stew and eaten with noodles.

Fried rice: This could arguably be the most popular food in the world as it is eaten in many foreign countries. It has its origins and is prepared best in Thailand.

Bulgogi: Korean style roasted meat

Massaman curry: This awesome Thai dish is the undisputed king of curries.  It is spicy and has a sweet coconut flavor.

Peking duck: This is a duck dish coated with maltose syrup and is slowly roasted in an oven.  The dish is served with pancakes, bean sauce and onions.

Ramen:  Japan delicacy

Som tam: This is a Thai salad made with pawpaw leaves, garlic, chilies, tamarind juice, peanuts, shrimp, and fish sauce among other ingredients.

Tom yam goong: Thailand is definitely the world leader in foods and this great dish is made with tomatoes, lemongrass, shrimp, mushrooms, lime leaves, coconut milk and cream.

Sushi: This world known and loved Thai dish is simply cold rice rolled into small balls with vinegar flavour added and served with either vegetables, egg or raw seafood.

Nasi goring: This is an Indonesian dish which combines rice with egg, chicken and prawns.

Rendang:   This Indonesian dish is made with beef simmered slowly in coconut milk, lemongrass and other ingredients and then cooked for some hours.

Satay: Indonesian delicacy

Chicken rice: This is Singapore’s national dish and is made of boiled chicken served with rice, a variety of dipping sauces and cucumber.

List of Australian foods

Australia’s foods have been influenced heavily by westernization, foods peculiar to Australia are roasted meats of animals unique to the continent. Examples are barbecued Kangaroo loins and emu barbecued meat, other foods include oven cooked stews, vegetables, risotto, pasta and curries.

List of European foods

European foods have heavily influenced the food of the rest of the world with French and Italian cuisines at the forefront and their main ingredients include olives, tomatoes, cheese, lamb, honey, sea food, thyme, garlic, onions, etc.

Pasta: Italian delight eaten all over the world

Pizza, Italy undoubtedly has some of the best cuisines in the world and Pizza is proof of that,

Cicchetti: Italian delicacy

chianti gelato: Italian dish

Parmesan and ham: Italian food made with cheese and salty and very thin slices of air-dried ham

Gelato: Italian delight

Lasagna: Popular Italian delicacy with a pasta layer, tomato sauce and minced meat.

Fettucini alfredo: Italian dish made with butter and Parmesan cheese


Greek foods:  Pita, Gyros, Tzatziki, Souvlaki

Spanish foods: Paella and tapas, Chorizo, Potato tortillas, Gazpacho soup, Chocolate con churros; donuts with chocolate

French foods: Croissant which is a crescent shaped flaky pastry roll made from yeast and covered in butter and raspberry jam.

Baguette which is a long French bread, Escargot.

France is the home of wines with many different wines, the most popular of which is Champagne.

England: English foods include Fish and chips, pies and stews

The typical English breakfast is made up of scrambled eggs, sausages, white beans, bacon, tomatoes and hash browns.

Germany: German foods include potatoes, Hot dogs (Sausages), sauerkraut, strudel, Jägerbraten mit Spätzle, etc.

Hamburger: This popular international food is so good it generates several billions of dollars yearly in sales and is simply bread and meat salad.

Scandinavia: Scandinavian food includes potatoes, minced meat, fish, rice or rye porridge.

Czech Republic: Czech foods include Goulash and Bread Dumplings

Denmark: Danish Smorrebrod

Switzerland:  Cheese Fondue – a great mix of selected cheeses to create a unique meal.

Saucisse aux choux and papet vaudois: this is a swiss cabbage served with papet vaudois and a leek and potatoes mash.

Netherlands: friet oorlog met uitjes’:  Fries eaten with mayonnaise, peanut sauce and onions.

Poland; gołąbki

Spain: Seafood paella – This food consists of different seafood like shrimp and lobster eaten with white rice and herbs.

List of North American foods

The North American cuisine just like its people is a mix from all over the world especially Europe. Americans typically eat hot dogs, ribs, burgers, hot wings, French fries, soup, sea food, chicken and steak.

Mexican: Tamales, tortillas, Gorditas

Pozole: This is a Mexican soup made with hominy, chicken or pork or both and is usually served with avocado, lime, radishes, onions, etc.

Jamaica: Ackee & Saltfish – This is a delicious meal of dumplings and boiled green bananas or plantain and is the national dish of Jamaica.

Fajitas: It is a Mexican meal made with meat and has side servings of onions, salsa in a warm tortilla.

United States: Potato Chips, Fried chicken, Cheeseburger, Ice cream

Canada; Poutine, Maple syrup

Tacos: This is a Mexican dish comprising of fresh, handmade tortilla filled with grilled beef dipped in oil and salt.  Guacamole, salsa, onions or cilantro are added to give a better taste.

South America Foods

Argentina:   Asado, Vacío, Bondiola, Bife, Cuadril, Paleta, Molleja, Entrecot

Costa Rica:   Gallo Pinto – a traditional Costa Rican morning meal of rice and black beans with small tortilla and scrambled eggs.

Nicaragua:   Nacatamales – This is made with corn and lard and is poured into a plantain leaf. Before being wrapped in the leaf, pork or chicken, potatoes, olives, onions, bell peppers and tomatoes are added and then steamed.

Peru:  Ceviche – This dish is made with slices of raw or boiled fresh fish or seafood cured in citrus juices. It is mixed with herbs, rocoto chilli and thin sliced red onions. It is usually served with fried or boiled corn or sweet potatoes.

Puerto Rico: Mofongo

List of Middle East foods

Middle Eastern cuisine is made up of starches, garlic, olive oil, vegetables, fresh fish, whole grain, fruits and seafood; Common meats eaten include chicken, lamb and goat meat.

Arab foods include Couscous, Baklawa, Falaffel, Kebab, Tahini, Meze, Hummus, Kofta, Baba Ghanoush,  Simit and Zeytinyagli Dolma.


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