West African countries namely Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, Mali, Togo, Ivory Coast, Niger, Liberia have very rich cultures and many delicious foods. The best among them arranged in no particular order are:

  1. Jollof Rice

If you haven’t tasted Jollof Rice, you need to add it to your bucket list. This delicious West African dish always leaves the eater salivating for more. It is the most popular food in West Africa and even Africa as a whole and each West African country has modified it to suit their taste. It is made with rice, tomato paste, hot pepper, ground fish powder and laced with onions. It can be eaten alone or with coleslaw and no West African celebration is complete without Jollof!

  1. Kenkey and Fish

This morning meal can light up and brighten your whole day. Kenkey is a dumpling made with corn and is wrapped in banana leaves, it is eaten best with any fish and oil goes perfectly with any oily fish.

  1. Plasas

This is a Sierra Leonean food made with groundnuts, potato leaves, fish or meat. There is also the Ghanaian plasa which makes use of coco yam leaves.

  1. Superkanja soup

This is a Gambian soup made with okra fruit and its leaves, many ingredients are used to make it very tasty, other West African countries have similar soups.

  1. Eddoe soup

Cocoyams are pounded, dipped into palm oil and transformed into a sweet, smooth and thick paste in this popular Liberian dish.

  1. Egusi soup

Melon seeds are grounded and cooked with spinach, fish, meat and a variety of other ingredients to produce one of the most wonderful soups the world has ever known.

  1. Pounded Yam

This awesome Nigerian dish is made by boiling yams to the point where they become soft and then pounding the yams in a mortar with a pestle till it becomes a smooth, soft and succulent dough. It can be eaten with basically any soup.

  1. Thieboudienne

This mouth watering dish is from Senegal and is made with rice, fish and tomato sauce. Any vegetable of choice can be added to give it extra flavor and taste.

  1. Moi moi

This alluring protein filled dish is made by washing the outer skin of beans in water and then grinding it with pepper and onions. The paste is then poured into small polythene bags, tins and sometimes leaves and cooked till it gets hard. Fish, egg, liver and other foods can be added to the paste before cooking to give it a wonderful extra flavor.

  1. Fufu

Fufu is a dish made from cassava (manioc) paste which is first boiled and then pounded to a soft delicious dough. It can be eaten with a vast variety of soups. It is a staple food in many countries of West Africa.

  1. Banga soup

Made with palm fruits, this delicious Nigerian dish is as healthy as food gets with lots of vitamins and minerals. Lots of fish, snail and periwinkle are added and it is usually eaten with solid starch.

  1. Nkatenkwen

This is an extremely delicious Ghanaian groundnut soup made with peanut butter and garnished with chicken, winter vegetables and pepper.

  1. Yam Porridge

West African yam porridge is the Holy Grail of porridges. Yams are usually boiled and mashed in a soup made with palm oil, hot peppers, tomatoes and onions. Fish, chicken or other meat are added to make it irresistible.

  1. Vegetable Soup

Spinach or other edible vegetables are cut into small pieces  and cooked in palm oil or tomato stew, crayfish, fish and meat are added to make it very tasty. It is usually eaten with Pounded Yam, Fufu or Tuwo.

  1. Ogbono soup

Ogbono soup is made with nuts from the Ogbono tree. The nuts are ground and cooked  in palm oil together with vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, pepper with fish and meat to make an incredibly delicious soup.

  1. Tuwo Shinkafa and Miyan Kuka

Tuwo Shinkafa or Rice dough is a popular food among the Hausa/Fulani people of Northern Nigeria, Niger and Mali. It is made by grinding rice into flour and then cooking it in boiling water till it forms a solid paste.

It is served with Miyan Kuka which is a black coloured soup made from the powder of the grinded leaves of the Kuka tree with ingredients such as crayfish, hot pepper etc. Fish and meat are usually added to the soup and it is very delicious.


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