A lot of expatriates are working in Africa and living very well especially in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Angola and other rich African countries. There are several International and Local companies, government parastatals and other sectors where there are several vacancies for foreign expatriates.

Foreign expatriate jobs in Africa are usually high paying and very good living conditions are provided for foreign employees such as good housing in areas with good infrastructure such as roads, good drinking water, constant electricity, good schools for kids, etc, There are also other good incentives such as excellent medical insurance cover, pension, death benefits and others.

There are many Americans, Indians, Chinese and other foreign nationals currently working and earning well in Africa. The sectors of the African economy which employs foreigners the most are: Energy sector, Oil and Gas sector, Electricity sector, Construction sector, Mining sector, Manufacturing sector, Telecommunications sector and Information and Communication Technology sector. Some of the most popular destinations in Africa for job openings for foreigners are as follows.

South Africa: is Africa’s largest economy and has many industries especially in the mining sector as there is abundance of solid minerals such as diamond and gold. There are many jobs for foreigners in South Africa especially expats such as Engineers, Doctors, Scientists and Geologists.

Nigeria: It is the largest producer of crude oil in Africa and one of the largest in the world. There are many multinational and local oil and gas exploration companies and a few refineries in the country. Experts in oil and gas related Engineering, Geology and Science fields are in high demand and are paid very well with many other incentives such as good housing, free internet, free schooling for your kids, medical insurance and a lot more.

Angola: Angola is the second largest crude oil producer in Africa and there is shortage of indigenous or local expatriates hence there are many jobs for foreign expatriates in the oil and gas sector in the country, foreign staff are taken good care of and earn very juicy salaries and allowances per annum.

Ghana: Ghana is developing at a rapid rate, it is nicknamed “The Gold Coast” as it has the largest gold deposits in the world, the mining industry has been booming and providing employment for foreign expatriates in the past and many other manufacturing industries for both industrial and consumer goods are springing up daily.

Kenya: Kenya has a booming ICT sector which has vacancies for foreign expatriates, as a matter of fact there are many Indian experts working and living comfortably in the country.

All the African countries mentioned above are quite developed with good housing, roads, water, electricity, markets, healthcare and other infrastructure.

Other African countries worthy of note for high paying expat jobs include: Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.


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