How To Prepare Tuwon Shinkafa


My indigenous tuwon sinkafa is prepared with non-parboiled white rice, it is a swallow and is usually eaten with miyan kuka, miyan taushe etc. ‘’tuwo’’ means any form of swallow in Hausa while “shinkafa” means “Rice”, so “Tuwon Shinkaf”a simply means “Rice Swallow” Some people use Rice flour to prepare tuwon shinkafa but the proper tuwon shinkafa is made with rice in its grainy form not flour form.

Let’s make Tuwon shinkafa, very easy; trust me.


  • 4 cups non parboiled white rice
  • Water to cook the rice until very soft


  • Pick stones if there’s any in the rice
  • Wash thoroughly and soak for 1 hour or more (depending on how much time you have) [optional]


  • Set enough water in a big pot then add the washed rice and cook until soft, you have to use a big pot because it swells a lot
  • Add more water if it isn’t soft enough but be careful not to add too much water (reduce the heat to low to avoid burning underneath)


  • Use a wooden spatula to mash the rice as you will turn when making Amala, semo or Eba until everything comes together


  • Allow to steam for 2 minutes then scoop into cling film or transparent nylon to avoid the tuwo from drying.


Our tuwon shinkafa is ready, serve with any soup of choice, enjoy!

Yah, easy right? I told ya, make sure you try it and give me gist, this swallow with miyan Kuka is heaven on earth, will be posting a recipe on miyan Kuka soon.Stay good guys…



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