Hello People, today we are making PANKARA, You might begin to wonder what it is; it is simply our regular Akara made in Pancake form. This is a more healthy way of enjoying Akara instead of the one that is deep fried and has too much oil  in it. This way of making Akara is just so beautiful and will make you want to dive in, I enjoyed every bit of this yummy breakfast and I was full until dinner. This Akara recipe can also be paired with Oats, Pap, Garri, Bread etc. Lets cook!



  • 1 cup peeled beans
  • 1 large Bell pepper
  • 3 SCOTCH bonnets
  • 2 Knorr cubes
  • 1 large onions (sliced)
  • 1 egg



  • Add the beans into a blender or food processor

  • Wash and add the bell pepper, scotch bonnet, ¾ of the sliced onions and small water into the blender, then blend until pureed [until smooth]

  • Pour the pureed mixture in a bowl, add the remainng sliced onions, 2 knorr cubes,salt and egg

  • Stir very well
  • Heat up a pan, add in little coconut oil or any oil you have
  • Scoop some of the mixture into the pan and spread into a round shape (do not put in too much because it will take time to fry and might not cook well inside, just make it light)


  • Fry on low heat for about 1 minute then flip to the other side and fry until well cooked

  • Repeat this process until the mixture finishes
  • Serve with What you like, I garnished mine with slices of Cumcumber and paired with Oatmeal and honey. The combo in my mouth was the bomb; besides I didn’t finish all of this alone o! lolz.



Do try this easy recipe out and tell me how it turns out by dropping a comment below. Thank you for stopping by, bye…


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