How To Make Danwake


I have known Danwake since I was a kid; we usually make it at home. Danwake is a food from northern Nigeria; especially among the Hausas, it is known as steamed bean dumplings. Danwake is often at times made with bean flour but all-purpose flour works as well, it is usually eaten with a sauce; because on its own, it is not tasty; this sauce is usually onions fried with vegetable oil then poured on the danwake with yaji (spicy pepper), seasoning cubes and salt. As things are evolving, danwake sauce is being modified by adding fresh peppers and sometimes chicken or beef but the real native way is just frying a lot of onions then adding yaji and seasoning,there is this local Hausa delicacy in which this same fried onions and yaji is eaten with boiled rice and beans which is so delicious, continue reading to see how to prepare Danwake.



3 cups bean flour

2 tablespoons Kuka powder [Baobab leaves]

1 medium piece of potash [akaun/ kaun]


2 large onions

1 red bell pepper

3 scotch bonnets

2 green scotch bonnets [optional]

2 yellow scotch bonnets [optional]

1 teaspoon black pepper

1 cooking spoon vegetable oil

Knorr chicken cubes

Salt to taste



Soak the potash in 1 ½ cup of water 30 minutes before preparation because the water will be used to mix the Danwake.

  • Add some water in a pot large enough to allow the Danwake dumplings space to swim, place on medium heat
  • Add the bean flour in a bowl, add in the Kuka powder and stir

  • Pour in the potash water little by little until you get a sticky but not to watery paste

  • Now scoop the mixture with your hands into the pot of boiling water to form little balls (as you would do for Puffpuff but smaller)

  • Allow to boil for 35- 40 minutes, pour in a strainer, run cold water over it to remove excess stickiness then set aside


  • Wash and slice all the peppers and onions, set aside

  • Heat up vegetable oil in a pan then add the sliced onions and black pepper, fry until translucent (fry on low heat)

  • Now add all the peppers, salt and 1 ½ seasoning cube, stir and fry for 5 minutes

  • Turn off heat and serve with Danwake dumplings

I’m sure most of my northern brothers and sisters know how to prepare Danwake, how do you prepare yours?, how do you like it served?. My other brothers and sisters who are not northerners or who do not know how to prepare this food should try it out, I am waiting for all your beautiful feedbacks in the comment section below, bye guys.



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