Sunrise Chinese restaurant is located on 32, Aromire Avenue, Ikeja Area Office, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. It is a popular hangout spot for Chinese food lovers and offers a variety of Chinese dishes.

Atmosphere/ decor

As you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed by tables of different sizes which would be suitable for the number of people; table of 2,3 ,6 like that, we even wanted to sit on a table of 6 but the waiters politely ushered us to a table of 2, it’s just like having a table reserved for you and your lover and that I like about them. The environment is neat and cosy and a perfect place for a date, hangout or quiet meeting. The tables are covered with table dressing and they are immediately changed after the customers or guests are done eating and gone; that is preparing it for the next guest; that again I like because it shows they care about their customers and do not want them to be irritated by left overs or stains on the table dressing.

For the decoration, I will say I wasn’t really impressed, it was just there nothing special, for a popular Chinese restaurant like that; I feel they should do better.

The menu/ Dishes

The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering soups, cold soups, starters, main course and sauces. We had special fried rice, stir- fried noodles with pork, stir- fried lamb with spring onions and chapman, and believe me they were delicious and exquisite. The stir- fried noodles had a lot of crunchy vegetables in it and it was delicious, hey, we are all trying to eat healthy so… The stir- fried lamb was WOW! The lamb was really soft, spicy and tasty. The special fried rice was not as delicious as expected. They gave us a free pepper sauce, I think they usually do when they serve you any dish; trust me when I say I didn’t like it, because it was bitter, so after tasting it, I didn’t even touch it again. The chapman was refreshing because it was cold and equally delicious.


The prices are affordable for a Chinese restaurant because we know say ‘’Chinese restaurant dey expensive’’ but it’s okay. For everything we had, we paid like 9500.

Service/ waiters/ owner

I will say their service is excellent, the waiters are patient, calm and courteous; they waited for us to finish checking the menu after being confused on what to order lol. The owner, a Chinese woman is also nice and friendly; she was always going around to check if customers were okay.


I had a pleasant and memorable moment there and I enjoyed the food and service. I highly recommend going to the Sunrise Chinese restaurant.



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