I’m finally back, I miss blogging. The last time, I told you guys I was heading for National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) camp in Lagos and my God! it was tough at the beginning. I was not used to waking up by 3am; we usually went out to the parade ground by 4:30am for morning prayers and drills but we woke up by 3 or there about to have our bath. The first few days were frustrating, let me say the truth o!, I didn’t get my kit ( Khaki trouser, crested shirt, plain white shirts, socks, jungle boots and white tennis shoes) until the 3rd day so we were allowed to sit under the tent during drills; so I used that opportunity to put my head on another chair and slept, Me wey think say I no fit enjoy sleep that way, but I surely did.

The rooms were slightly okay but the spaces in between the bunks were just so small, even entering with your side was still tight, chai! it was so annoying, to make matters worse, my neighbour’s bunk had a problem and it was slightly bent which made the space even smaller. The bathroom, hmmmm, let me not even go there. My corner was so small that a slim girl entered one time and asked me how I coped, lol.

Altogether, I hated camp at the beginning but later got used to it and started enjoying the place but I still couldn’t wait to go home. The part I hated most was waking up so early, boring lectures which lasted for 5 hours straight, standing for hours on the parade ground, marching for hours nonstop, the Soldiers wont even hear that you are tired; to them just keep marching, even if it was time to go, they sometimes wont allow you go; so I had to start dodging and finally ran away from marching, I met new people though and made few friends, I enjoyed the carnival, burn fire-night, Mami market activities and various shows and concerts organized. Artistes like Sheyi Shay, Oritse Femi, Sugarboy, Ajebo, Harrysong and others came and made it fun.

Your girl is now back to give you  lots of mouth-watering and delicious recipes, don’t miss out, do visit often. You can leave your questions, suggestions and comments below, Thank You, BYEEEE.



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