Ewa Agoyin is simply boiled mashed beans eaten with its special sauce. The combo of the Ewa and the sauce is really amazing. The sauce is made with particular types of peppers (dried bell peppers, Ghana/ Cameroon pepper, dried Shombo and dried chilli peppers). From the list of peppers, you will know that this sauce is not child’s play. You can adjust these peppers to your tolerance and you must not use all four, you can use the ones in the list which are available to you.

For your Ewa Agoyin sauce to be correct and classic, you have to use Palm oil, not vegetable oil. Palm oil is the proper oil for this sauce and lots of it which will be bleached. Also, you cannot use fresh peppers for this sauce, NO Tomatoes; the dried peppers should be soaked in water for some hours before cooking to make it plump, succulent and easy to blend. Ewa Agoyin sauce is also crunchy, gritty and dark in colour.


  • 3 cups of beans (white or brown) anyone you prefer.
  • 3 pieces of Cameroon pepper
  • ½ cup of Shombo pepper
  • 4 pieces of chilli pepper
  • 6 pieces of red bell peppers
  • 1 large onion
  •  Knorr Seasoning cubes
  • 4 cooking spoons of palm oil
  • 1 tablespoon of crayfish
  • 1 tablespoon of dried pepper (optional)
  • Salt to taste



  1. Pick and wash the beans, add in a pot of water and cook until soft. (let the water cover up the beans, also, do not add salt to it so it cooks faster
  2. When it becomes very soft, add a little salt, stir and allow the water to dry up
  3. Use a wooden spoon to mash the beans or a potato masher, just anything that can mash the beans into tiny bits. Set it aside


Before you start, soak all the peppers for some hours to make them soft then blend coarsely with a little water, slice onion and grind crayfish.

  • Add palm oil in a pot and bleach, this should be done slowly on low –medium heat. It should take about 10 minutes. Also open up your windows because it might get smoky
  • Reduce the heat to low, add in sliced onion and fry until brown but not burnt
  • Now add in the blended peppers, dried pepper, crayfish, seasoning cubes and salt, let it fry for about 40 minutes, come to check up on it and stir occasionally so it doesn’t burn. It should look dark when it is fully fried and ready.
  • Our Ewa Agoyin and Agoyin sauce are all ready to go down with Agege bread or Garri, Yummmmm

Photo Credit: m.knorr.ng

Do try this recipe and tell me how it went, thank you for stopping by, see you soon…



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