Africa is a unique continent with many different people and cultures, there are over 3000 ethnic groups speaking over 2000 languages in Africa. Africa has many things which you can buy and sell in other continents and countries of the world and make a decent profit,  the most common of these are discussed below.

List of Agricultural Produce You Can Buy from Africa

Africa has very fertile land and hence agriculture thrives there, in fact it is the main occupation of Africans. The list below discusses crops farmed in Africa and the countries where they are produced in large quantities. Agricultural products in Africa can be bought at very cheap prices especially during the harvest season and then sold for a very decent profit in other parts of the world.

Cocoa: is the main ingredient in the production of chocolate and cocoa butter creams and can be found in large quantities in Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Nigeria.

Peanut: Also called groundnuts, they can be eaten whole or processed for use in the production of foods such as Peanut butter, It can be bought in large quantities in Mali, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal.

Kolanut: The kolanut is a bitter fruit which contains caffeine and is used in Cola and other similar beverages, it is found in commercial quantities in West Africa.

Palm oil: Palm oil which is used for cooking and to manufacture many products is derived from Palm nuts. Palm oil is a very common ingredient used in production of cooking oil in Asia, Brazil, Africa and Europe. The oil has a high nutritious value and it can be bought in commercial quantities in Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

Banana: This popular fruit can be found in large quantities in Uganda, Cameroon and Tanzania.

Plantain: Africa has the highest plantain production worldwide with Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda and Nigeria in the top 5.

Cotton: Cotton is used to make most of the clothes we wear and it can be found in Benin Republic, Burkina Faso, Chad and Sudan in commercial quantities.

Coffee; Coffee is found in large quantities in the following African countries: Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Tea: Tea can be found in Kenya in commercial quantities.

Vanilla: The sweet flavor is found in Madagascar in large quantities.

Tobacco: Malawi is the hub for Tobacco farming in Africa

Seafood e.g. Tuna, Shrimp, Crayfish, etc: Mali, Morocco, Mozambique and Senegal have an abundance of seafood.

Sugar: Sugar can be bought in commercial quantities from Swaziland.

Chilli Pepper: Nigeria, Cameroon and many other sub-Saharan Africa countries have an abundance of peppers especially Chilli.

Tomatoes, Onions: Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries have tomatoes in large quantities.

Moringa Oleifera/ Horse Radish: A lot of African have begun to see the economic importance of the moringa tree and hence have started planting them in commercial quantities,.

Meat; Cattle, Goats, Sheep: These animals abound in Africa and can be bought for very cheap prices, they can be slaughtered and their meat frozen and exported internationally across the world. African countries with the highest number of animals for meat include Djibouti, Eritrea, Lesotho and Somalia.

Art work

Africans are gifted in the arts and this is evident in their culture with lots of colorful festivals, attires, music and more. Works of art which can be bought in Africa and sold internationally include:

Paintings: Africa has thousands of ethnic groups with each one skilled in one form of painting of the other, designs such as batik and others have influenced world art. Paintings can be bought from Africa and sold to interested collectors all over the world.

Sculptures: Africans have been practicing sculpture before the birth of Christ, a lot of bronze, clay, wooden, golden and other types of sculptures have been found by archaeologists over the years and many are on display in western museums. You can trade in sculptures from Africa and make good money.

Clothes: African traditional wear such as Adire, Kente cloth, Shedda, Dashiki, Aso-oke and others are now been worn by whites and other races across the world. This is a big business opportunity for those willing to venture into it.

Shoes: African shoes are unique and will fetch a good price in western countries.

Conclusion: There are many other goods which can be bought from Africa and sold worldwide, they can best be known when you visit Africa.

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Have you traded in goods from Africa before? Please share your experience and advice with us, thank you.


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