East Africa is a beautiful place with lots of tourist attractions including the famous Lake Victoria and Mount Kilimanjaro, there is a lot of wildlife in East Africa with animals such as elephants, rhinoceros, leopards, lions and water buffalos, they also have very good food the best of which will be discussed below. East Africa is made up of the following countries: Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

East African dishes are made mainly from grains such as sorghum, rice, yam, maize, beans, etc.

Lahoh or Canjeera in Somalia, Chapati in Kenya and Uganda: This is probably the most common east African food. It is specially baked spongy, pancake like bread which is eaten with vegetable soup or sour porridge. In Kenya, it is eaten with uji soup.

Githeri: This is a Kenyan food made with corn and beans or mashed potatoes.

Basmati rice: This is rice cooked and eaten with vegetable stews with fish or meat.

Kuku Paka: This delicious delicacy is a made with of chicken coconut curry and is served with rice.

Cambuulo: This Somalian dish is made with beans boiled for up to 5 hours to make it tender, sugar and butter served with bread or rice.

Kachumbari: This is a popular fresh tomato and onion salad common among the people of East Africa.

Mandazi: Mandazi is a fluffy fried bread which is easy to make and can be eaten alone or with any food or soup.

Biryanis and Pilaus: These are very tasty rice dishes with Indian origins popular among the East Africans.

Obusuma/Ugali: This is a Kenyan delicacy made from maize flour continuously stirred in boiling water to form a thick dough.

Nyama Choma: This is meat roasted the delicious East African way.

Matoke: Is a meal which is made with steamed green bananas or plantains and is one of Uganda’s national dish.

Mugoyo: Mugoyo is a Uganda delicacy prepared with sweet potatoes and beans. The sweet potatoes are cooked in banana leaves and the beans are boiled separately with some ingredients, the two are then mixed to form the delicious food.


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