‘Kayan Chiki’ as it is popularly known is a mixture of liver, shaki, towel, intestine and various others either from goat or cow parts. When you the go to the market just tell the butcher to give you ‘Kayan Chiki’ and he will mix all the parts for you. It is very spicy and delicious that’s is why we often find it in Bukas, restaurants and hotels. It is also good for cold weather and if you have a blocked nose,’na medicine o’; it can be eaten with white rice, Jollof, yam, plantain, agidi and any other food possible.

Here’s a simple recipe, lets try this out guys.


  1. Assorted meat
  2. Curry leaf (chopped)
  3. Maggi cubes
  4. Mixed spices (consisting of nutmeg, ‘Ehuru’, Enge {also known as ‘Kimba’ in Hausa} it is usually dried over fire and  also bitter so you need just a little. [ ground]
  5. Minced garlic
  6. Utazi leaf
  7. Onions (Chopped)
  8. Fresh pepper (Ground)


  • Wash the assorted meat thoroughly, make sure you scrape the towel well with a knife and clean the intestine and place in a pot.

  • Add minced garlic, mixed spices, maggi cubes, salt, curry leaf, utazi leaf, onions, fresh pepper and stir.

  • Place on fire and add little water to it and allow it to steam for 10 minutes

  • Add more water and correct to taste (make sure the seasoning is ok). Be careful not to add too much salt and Maggi cubes because pepper soup doesn’t need  too much seasoning. Allow to boil and make sure the meat is cooked completely .

Our assorted meat pepper soup is ready to go now with bread or rice, I love the combo with rice. Please try this out and update me, see you soon my people.






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