Africans have many superstitious beliefs, here are some popular examples.

  1. If you see a woman seated with her legs wide open with no panties on, you will have bad luck.
  2. If it rains while the Sun is still shining, it means that monkeys are getting married.
  3. If you lose your tooth and you put it in a shoe/shoebox , the next morning you’ll find money in there.
  4. Your partner is not allowed to buy you shoes because you will walk out of his/her life.
  5. You do not borrow salt at night
  6. You do not sweep at night
  7. You do not cut fingernails at night because witches will come and pick them.
  8. When your palms itch, you will receive money
  9. You don’t point to the grave yard with your finger
  10. If you wake up tired it means a witch was using you
  11. If you pick money on the streets, you’ll have bad luck
  12. Black cats are evil
  13. If you eat inside a pot it will rain on your wedding day
  14. Putting a wet piece of paper on a baby’s forehead will take away their hiccups
  15. If someone sweep a lady’s legs, she won’t get married
  16. When you feel some itchiness on your breasts, it means someone’s missing you
  17. If someone jumps over you, you will never grow unless they jump over you again
  18. If you wear a ring on your ring finger, you wont get married
  19. If you dress in red when it is raining, you’ll be struck by lightning
  20. If an owl/raven howls near your house, someone is going to die
  21. Your hair will fall if you let a pregnant lady relax or braid your hair
  22. If your ear is itchy, someone is talking about you
  23. If your fingers are itchy, you will get money
  24. If you eat certain types of food, you won’t get married
  25. If you are young and have white hair, you will be rich
  26. If a Cat crosses the road when you’re heading home, something bad will happen. Especially black cats
  27. If you swallow any seed, it will grow from your stomach
  28. if u have ashy lips it means you’re hungry
  29. If you wear one shoe, one of your parents will die
  30. If you look at yourself in the mirror at night, something might happen to your face
  31. If you whistle at night, a snake will visit your room
  32. If you’re walking on the road and you trip, a relative or someone close to you has mentioned your name
  33. If your foot hits a stone accidentally, you will have good luck that day.
  34. When a baby pees on you, It’s a blessing
  35. If you step on a person’s mucus or saliva, your throat will be sore
  36. When it’s raining and the sun is shining, a lioness is giving birth somewhere
  37. If a bird poops on your head, you will have good luck.
  38. If a lady eats out of a pot while cooking, you won’t get married
  39. Albinos don’t die, they just disappear into thin air.
  40. If you hear dogs making lots of noise in the night, it means they are seeing witches and wizards or evil spirits
  41. If u mend your clothes at night with needle and thread. you are likely to be poor
  42. If you step on a crack, your mother’s back will break
  43. If you cut a baby’s hair before his/her first birthday, he/she will have bad luck.
  44. If a woman goes to the zoo when pregnant, her baby will look like a monkey
  45. If you dream of fish, it means someone close to you is pregnant
  46. Animals have instincts to know if a woman is pregnant
  47. Breaking a mirror will bring you 7 years of bad luck
  48. Crossing a black cat’s path is bad luck
  49. If you put your hat on a bed, you will have bad luck or even die
  50. When walking, do not let an obstruction e.g. signpost, pole etc, divide you and your companions or else you’ll have bad luck.


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